Couple allegedly assaults stepparent over property dispute

Published 12:39 pm Monday, December 18, 2017

A Speedwell, Tennessee, couple was indicted last week for the alleged aggravated assault by strangulation of their stepparent which occurred on Oct. 16 of this year. The Claiborne Grand Jury returned a true bill on David Michael Mayes, 48, and Michelle Mayes, 41, on the additional charges of aggravated assault and criminal trespassing.

According to the incident report, Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Skyler Kearny spoke briefly to the victim before she was transported to a Lafollette hospital for various injuries. The day after the alleged incident, Kearny was able to take her full statement.

Kearny stated in the report that the victim said she had discovered her stepdaughter and stepson-in-law on a piece of vacated property owned by her.

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The victim told the couple they had to leave, according to the incident report.

“(The victim) stated that, at this time, both defendants pulled her from her van, and began to strike her in the head and body with their fists. (The victim) said she was brought to the ground, where the defendants continued to strike her in the head and body with their fists and feet. (The victim) stated that Michelle (Mayes) then placed both hands around the neck area of (the victim) while stating ‘I’m going to kill you, you b*tch,’” states the report, in part.

At that point, the incident report states the victim passed out.

Upon examination, the victim was found to be suffering from an assortment of bruises and cuts to the face, the back of the head and the arm area. Her rotator cuff was torn and she was diagnosed, according to the incident report, with a possible broken arm.

On the date of the statement, the victim was scheduled to undergo surgery for the torn rotator cuff.

An indictment does not indicate guilt. It does indicate that the grand jury found enough evidence to warrant turning the case over for trial.