BCSO implements Chaplain Corps

Published 12:35 pm Tuesday, December 12, 2017

During the Dec. 12 Bell County Fiscal Court meeting, Bell County Sheriff Mitch Williams spoke of a dream project that has finally been given life — the Bell County Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Corps.

In the line of duty, sometimes a police officer is not equipped to handle the more sensitive human elements of a case. This is where the chaplains will come in.

“I’ve personally been on scenes where it would have been nice to have someone there to council and help folks in a really tough time,” stated Judge-Executive Albey Brock.

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Williams had this to say on the matter. “The need for one (Chaplain Corps) is tremendous…when we’re out patrolling we have fatalities or we have someone who has had a family member or close friend pass away — we’re not always equipped as deputies to handle that, but they are. We want to to represent the county and our in the best light.”

There were six men sworn in at the meeting, and there will be more recruited over time. There will be sworn and non-sworn members of the Chaplain Corps. The sworn members will have more direct contact with the Sheriff’s deputies on ride-alongs and so forth. Each member of the program will be available on an on-call basis. There will also be various members who are of different religious denominations to offer the best and most comfortable climate available.

Williams also expanded upon the various ways the corps will be used.

“They’re going to do visits in nursing homes, hospitals, jails…I’m tickled to death to have them. I think it’s going to be a good program.”

Brock stated “I personally thank all of you for your willingness to do this. I think it needs to be said these guys are doing this as volunteers. They’re not being paid to do it…I’m very proud of what you guys are doing and I, again, thank you for it.”