Small Hands expands

Published 11:16 am Thursday, November 30, 2017

Small Wonders is a daycare owned and operated by Tiffany Hall. The daycare recently expanded its services as well as changed location to facilitate those services.

Hall has been in the business for close to eight years. When Hall had her child, she wanted to start a daycare center to be able to work as well as have her child with her while she worked. For a daycare, it wears many hats. Small Wonders is a preschool and after-school center with infant and toddler programs on top of offering a generalized daycare program. The age range Small Hands serves are from birth to age 12.

Small Wonders is also curriculum based. The Ready for Kindergarten Program is designed to make sure children ready to enter kindergarten have the necessary tools to start as confidently as possible. The after-school program was unavailable at their old location simply due to lack of space. Now that Small Wonders has relocated, the after-school program is in full-swing where the children can receive tutoring and help with their homework.

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“When I first began, we were just primarily a daycare center. I noticed over the years a need for curriculum and structure. When children are at that age, that’s when they are most sponge-like. They take everything in and that’s whenever they’re going to learn and pick up the most,” said Hall.

Small Hands does accept subsidies.

“The majority of our families here do not realize they can, if they are working, can get help to pay for their childcare fees. It is a program that is specialized just for the working parents…that’s a big thing I always tell all our parents. We encourage them to always apply for subsidy,” said Hall.

Small Hands is currently accepting pajamas from the community to be donated to the Middlesboro Police Department. These pajamas will be given to children in need in case of removal from the home or similar circumstances where they may need to vacate their residence in a hurry.

Hall feels that public childcare is a vital service.

“Public childcare is a huge need in any community. You have parents that are trying to provide for their families. In order to provide they have to have a reliable source they can trust and depend on to drop their children off…we provide a child-friendly environment for our kids to come in and be comfortable and for the parents to leave with a peace of mind knowing their child is comfortable,” she said.