KSP Foundation looking for Christmas miracle?

Published 6:14 am Thursday, November 23, 2017

FRANKFORT (KT) – The Kentucky State Police Foundation is hoping to find “A Christmas Miracle Partner” to replace its aging fleet of cruisers.

The Foundation took to Twitter on Tuesday, telling the Kentucky auto industry and several automakers “We need help supporting the men and women” of the KSP.

Retired KSP Major David Jude, the executive director of the KSP Foundation, said, “It is unbelievable the shape of the cruisers that our troopers and officers, detectives are driving. It hit me this morning, there’s got to be a better answer there.”

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“We’re looking for that holiday miracle,” Jude said. “Perhaps one of these car manufacturers, the auto industry in Kentucky, can step up and surely, through some partnership or collaboration with our foundation, we can find a great answer.

“The Foundation is positioned to find these creative solutions, to not just serious, but potentially life-threatening issues facing the Kentucky State Police.”

During an appearance before a General Assembly committee last month, KSP Commissioner Richard W. Sanders described how the state budget crunch has taken its toll on vehicles.

“When the last cadet class graduated, the 41 new troopers were assigned cars that had an average of 140,000 miles on them,” he said. “Some received cruisers with 180,000 miles.”

Sanders also told lawmakers, “We had a trooper responding a few months ago to a fellow trooper who had stabbed. On the way, the transmission went out. The car had nearly 200,000 miles on it. He ended up leaving the car and running toward the scene. Fortunately, he was picked up another trooper who was also en route.”

Jude said when he retired earlier this year, the cruiser he turned in had nearly 200,000 miles.

“We’re driving cars that are more than double beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations of warranties, well past what that car is intended to serve, especially for an emergency services organization like Kentucky State Police.”

As a recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Jude said a good partner can be found.

“We do have some tax benefits that could go along with the right partner, that wants to step up and help out,” he said. “Lots of good can from this.”

What Jude says he is hoping for, is to be able to go to Sanders and say, “Listen, I have found some unmarked cars for troopers and detectives to be safe in, while on the road. I would love to come away with a new fleet of cars for these troopers.”