Hobo’s holiday travel tips

Published 6:30 am Monday, November 20, 2017

Well folks let’s face it — the holiday season is upon us and Hobo is ready to ride. Hobo the Wonder Dog is always ready for the adventure of travel as we go over the river and through the woods with a wag of his tail and a click in his step — he is ready in an instant. Holiday travel with your trusted four legged family members can present challenges beyond the logistics of packing treats and bedding. Aunt Peggy might not have the enthusiasm to roll out the red carpet for Fido and welcome him with open arms. No matter the family, there’s always drama and stress. Hobo wants to give you the tools to navigate the holiday travel where the whole family can be together and make this the best holiday season ever.

The five P’s always come to mind when traveling — and especially when traveling with Hobo the Wonder Dog. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance; whether in battle or family, preparing for Fido is key to successful travel with your pet. Be realistic, if the host of your holiday extravaganza is not a dog lover chances are Fido is going to have uphill challenges during his trip. In Hobo’s humble opinion, if the party host is not excited for his arrival he would prefer to sit it out. Dogs can sense in a heartbeat animosity toward them making everyone uncomfortable.

Know when it’s better to make Fido comfortable at home. I am sure there have been times Hobo wondered in his mind; “why am I here.” I have made the mistake of forging onward with Hobo in situations I hadn’t thought through. If you know Aunt Peggy is going to be uncomfortable and reluctantly says, “oh sure, bring Hobo we would love to see him.” Recognize this gesture of family inclusiveness as heartfelt but, know leaving Hobo behind will be more comfortable for all during the holiday gathering.

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Hobo’s home away from home: Crate training is the best thing I did for Hobo — he loves his crate it’s his “dog cave” and he loves it. Hobo feels safe, secure, and comfortable when in his crate. The crate is decked out with familiar bedding, his favorite squeaky toy, and a treat. The crate provides a safe place for Hobo to relax when he has had too much togetherness at a party or he needs to chill at a hotel. If you haven’t crate trained your pooch you want to do this before you travel. Most dogs do well with crate training, start slow and offer lots of rewards. Never use a crate for discipline it should always be a reward.

Hobo’s travel routine: Keeping Hobo’s routine as normal as possible. I try to keep feed time, potty breaks, and playtimes as consistent as possible. Consistency will help keep a pooch happy and regular — they love what they know. Consistency includes Hobo’s food and treats — trust me there is nothing worse than trying a new food or treat to discover it wreaks havoc on their stomach and potty routine—again, they love what they know.

Hobo’s adventure: Make every trip an adventure. You and your dog will love every minute you spend together if you make everything fun. Every adventure incorporates a little training, more belly rubs and naps. A dog exercised mentally and physically will sleep longer and enjoy the adventures of travel.

Holiday success with your pooch is all about planning. Making sure your invitation includes Fido before you arrive reduces stress for everyone. Knowing when to crate Fido will be greatly appreciated by all — but remember, make crating fun! A consistent diet will keep the adventure on the trail and not on the sidelines. Remember, use common sense and restraint when traveling with a pet.

Aunt Peggy knows how to throw a holiday extravaganza — but one dog hair on the floor simply ruins her expectations of the perfect holiday gathering. Know your host and know when to leave your pet behind.

Holidays are better with a dog — woof!

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