Everybody has ability

Published 8:04 am Thursday, November 16, 2017

The enthusiasm for the opening of the SEKRI plant in Pineville continues as Director of Purchasing Stan Baker made a presentation during the Nov. 13 Pineville City Council meeting and the Nov. 14 Pineville Fiscal Court meeting.

Baker took these opportunities to provide more solid information on the projected timeline of operations for the plant, expand on their mission statement and showcase the various products SEKRI manufactures for the Armed Forces.

SEKRI specializes in producing garments such as caps, protective gear that shield soldiers from extreme heat and cold as well as first aid kits.

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The plant in Pineville will specifically be producing a special mosquito net to be used in areas where malaria is still a prominent threat, he said.

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are. This is just a great opportunity for both SEKRI and, we feel, for the people of Pineville and Bell County,” said Baker.

What sets SEKRI apart from other companies, as stated by Baker, is their unwavering goal of employing people with significant disabilities.

Baker went on to explain that medically diagnosed disabilities aren’t just the ones that are physically visible, but that disorders such as post traumatic stress and adult attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) classify as well.

“Just because somebody doesn’t look disabled doesn’t mean they don’t fit our need for folks who have disabilities,” said Baker.

Not only does SEKRI offer employment to the disabled, they also have qualified counselors on site to offer help and guidance to whoever may require it.

“We’re taking those folks, getting them off the couch, giving them a job, giving them a challenge. We figure out what their ability is because everyone has got some. Our folks get to mold a process around their ability. We challenge them…we don’t baby them or coddle them. They don’t want that. They want to be treated like everybody else,” stated Baker.

The application process is scheduled to begin on Dec. 1. and SEKRI hopes to begin production by Feb. 1. There are also plans by SEKRI to host a job fair scheduled for a tentative Dec. 15 date. The plant will be located at 302 Kentucky Avenue.