The right to bear arms

Published 6:00 am Saturday, November 11, 2017

The recent shooting in the baptist church in Texas was cruel, senseless and intolerable. There seems to be a spirit of “hatred” loosed in this world that has no motivation other than indiscriminate destruction of human life. It is purely evil.

The last time I made a comment on social media supporting citizen’s rights to bear arms, I was met with hostility, rejection and ridiculous accusations. People are entitled to their opinions and I am entitled to mine.

Personally, I thank God for the armed citizen who stopped the shooter in Texas from reaching another church, or whatever his plan was, and inflicting human carnage on another group of innocents who had gathered together in peace to worship God.

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I got my license to carry a concealed deadly weapon out of my wallet and made sure it was up to date. I carry a weapon because I am a nature lover and often venture into the woods to take photographs. I never plan on having to pull the trigger for any reason, but I could if I was being attacked by man or beast, or protecting a loved one.

Some of the sentiment I received sprung up from the notion that if you are a Christian, you can’t possibly support the use of any kind of weapon for any reason. REALLY? This thinking is convoluted.

I come from a long line of hunters, woodsmen and sportsmen who know how to use a firearm to bring down wild game, or to protect their family and property if necessary. These strong, godly men have also taught their daughters basic survival skills and the safe handling and use of guns.

I not only know ministers who have their Carry and Conceal permit, but also sponsor the class for congregation members who are interested.

Let me be clear on my thoughts. Not everyone needs to own a gun. Not everyone is mentally stable enough to carry the power of life and death in their hip pocket or in their vehicle. I don’t know why anyone needs an assault weapon. BUT, ordinary citizens have the right to bear arms. The problem is not the weapon. The problem is the person who holds the weapon. Metal and ammunition have no destructive power in and of themselves. It is the person wielding the power that is the problem.

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

These words were written over 2,000 years ago. Many things have changed in that length of time, especially our weaponry and access to it. But the underlying problem is a spiritual warfare that has continued through the millennia. There has been good and evil present in the earth since God created man and he made the decision to rebel against God’s instructions.

More powerful than a right to carry a weapon, is the power of prayer. I firmly believe that God hears and answers our prayers, intervening in the lives of His children on a daily basis. We can pray for divine protection. We can pray for the mentally unstable. We can pray for those who have been overtaken by the powers of darkness.

At a recent revival, the congregation not only prayed for the healing of those in Texas, but also for protection over our school children, teachers, staff, administrators, churches, pastors, and places where people gather together. We prayed for our town, our county, our region, our state, and our nation. Those who put their faith in God have the power of heaven working through them to dispel the darkness, see lives changed, and unleash the love of God in a troubled world.

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