Not just fair weather friends

Published 11:24 am Tuesday, October 31, 2017

WYMT weather personalities Allison Rogers and Brandon Robinson visited Lone Jack School Center’s third and eighth grades recently.

Their mission was two-fold: Weather class, of course, as well as some insight as to how they achieved their positions as meteorologists.

The students were informed about fronts, pressure systems, meteorological gauges, and weather safety. It was obvious to the eighth grade what type of weather appealed to each guest. Robinson appears to have an affinity toward snow. Rogers, who hails from Mississippi, finds hurricanes intriguing.

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The presentation ended with a question and answers session. The guests gladly answered any career questions the eighth grade asked. Regardless of your interests, whether it be STEM courses or art and communications, meteorology and broadcast has a place for you.

The visit happened at a fantastic time as the eighth graders had been researching careers they are interested in and getting ready to put the finishing touches on their power point presentations. Both Rogers and Robinson made their presentation using the same app as what the eighth grade is developing