Lone Jack School Center hosts open house

Published 11:30 am Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lone Jack School Center hosted open house to welcome parents to talk about their children’s grades and academic progress. The first six weeks of school has been completed and students have received their first report cards of the year.

Family Resource Youth Service Coordinator Sheila Fuson, Library Media Specialist/Literacy Facilitator Melanie Mills and PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) welcomed parents and students at the door with sweet treats for everyone.

The FRYSC collected needs surveys and presented them with services offered by the school, while the PTSA parents encouraged parents to join the organization, seeking their involvement in the school. Mills displayed students’ work and talked to the parents about current projects taking place in various classes.

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Jonathan Mangus’ arts & humanities students are currently working on a “Poppy” flower project in honor of World War I veterans. Their work was beautifully displayed and became a topic of conversation during the open house.

Brian Crawford, principal, mixed and mingled with parents throughout the evening, also welcoming them into our school. Parents had the opportunities to talk individually with the students’ teacher(s) to learn of their academic progress. Parents were presented with lots of information, including state standards and expectations, curriculum guidelines/maps, MAP scores, SFA (Success for All) Parent Progress Reports for Reading, and Kindergarten Readiness Brigance screener results.

As a result of the first six weeks ending, Lone Jack hosted its Awards Day on Tuesday, September 26th to congratulate the students who received the following awards:

Perfect attendance awards

Kindergarten: Dalton Grubbs, Alex Partin, Logan Philpot

First grade: Brooklyn Brock .

Second grade: Levi Gibbons, Isabella Grubbs, Audriana Partin, Landon West.

Third grade: Matthew Napier, Tyler Amburgy.

Fourth grade: Jayden Garcia, Laura Hensley, Nathan Quinones, DJ (Dayton) Taylor.

Fifth grade: Logan Cupp, Elijah Gibbons, Harley Gregory, Evan Heck, Emma Lambdin, Emma Price, Brayden Saylor, Mecah Uhrig.

Sixth grade: Callie Cox, Jonathan Fuson.

Seventh grade: Brandon Wood, Mikayla Simpson, Madison Hoskins, Josh Raney, Lindsay Fuson, Caleb Hobbs, Dakota Walters, Blake Wilder.

Eighth grade: Jayden Black, Ashton Burns, Lillian Hobbs, & Kaden Morrison

Honor roll awards

First grade: Katie Hobbs, Ezekiel Trosper, Kylee Reagan.

Second grade: Landen Collins, Morgan Sowders, Aiden Saylor, Levi Gibbons, Alyssa Gray, William Hoskins, Ashlynn Jones, Elijah Livesay, Kayleigh Price, Landon West.

Third grade: Wyatt Dunn, Baylee Layne.

Fourth grade: Tylinda Garrison, Jaylin Goins, Laura Hensley, Kaden Taylor, Peyton Venable, Trevor West.

Fifth grade: Harley Gregory, Evan Heck, Kelcay Helton, Allison Hubbard, Kaylan Layne, Taylor Layne, Mecah Uhrig.

Sixth grade: Logunn Littles, Austin Goodin, Cindi Lewis, Mark Lingar, Brady Tolliver.

Seventh grade: Brandon Wood, MiKayla Simpson, Morgan Taylor, Lindsay Fuson, Madison Hoskins, Caleb Hobbs.

Eighth grade: Holly Akers, Jayden Black, Ashton Burns, Dylan Honeycutt, Devin Fuson, Kaden Morrison, Madison Phipps, Haley Smith.

Principal’s list awards

First grade: Brookelyn Bingham, Roman Bridges, Brooklyn Brock, Kylee Elliott, Sophia Fuson, Hayden Saunders, Allie Saylor, Presleigh Venable.

Second grade: Alivia Reed, Bo Hoskins, Isabella Grubbs, Audriana Partin.

Third grade: Tyler Amburgy, Payton Elliott, Autumn Hembree, Jacob Jordan, Joshua Ramsey.

Fifth grade: Elijah Gibbons, Lyssa Goodin, Emma Lambdin, Ethan Queener.

Sixth grade: Zarahan Latham.

Seventh grade:Dakota Walters, Blake Wilder, Kelcay Helton.

Accelerated reader awards

Second grade: Audriana Partin.

Third grade: Wyatt Dunn, Jessica Nikki Girdner.

Fourth grade: Peyton Venable, Laura Hensley.

Fifth grade: Destiny Allen, Kelcay Helton.

Sixth grade: Mark Lingar, Matthew West.

Seventh grade: Blake Wilder, Madison Hoskins.

Eighth grade: Devin Fuson, Madison Phipps.

Overall top readers for the first six weeks: Audriana Partin (second grade) and Mark Lingar (sixth grade).