Pineville gets its own theater troupe

Published 10:17 am Monday, October 23, 2017

Who says being from a rural town hinders one’s ability to pursue their artistic dreams? That generalization is being disproved by the county’s newest theater group, The Pineville Players LLC.

The group was founded earlier this year by Bell County native Heather Golden, who had been contemplating the idea for some time. Although the concept began as a graduation gift for her son, when he made the decision to move away for college the project was not forgotten, but continued and transformed into a gift for the entire community.

She says her ultimate goal is to bring more culture and art appreciation to the area, as well as provide fellow theater enthusiasts with a way to live out their dream.

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“The response from the community has been incredibly overwhelming. Many feel as though this is something that has been needed for the youth in the area, as well as many others who have always wanted a chance to perform,” said Golden.

Golden operates the group inside the historical Bell Theater, which she currently occupies alongside her husband, lawyer James R. Golden. Any productions associated with the group will be performed right on the well-known stage.

While Golden’s vision for the group includes eventually hosting their own Shakespeare productions, she expects the productions to include an abundance of variety. Not only will they perform the usual plays and one-acts, but will also spread art appreciation by highlighting other theater groups in the area, as well as showcasing movies and productions which have made history throughout the entire artistic community.

“I want the group to grow in several different ways; it doesn’t have to be one particular thing, really, just as long as its goal to spread art appreciation and culture is fulfilled,” said Golden.

Golden is currently working with local Pineville High School drama teacher, Samantha North, as she is one of her leading directors. North plans to use the Bell Theater’s stage to house the productions of her drama class, with help from Golden and the rest of the group.

“This group really has been a godsend. Before Heather started it, I was a one man theater department for Pineville High School. She has given me and my students the support we so desperately needed to just have the means to put on big productions,” said North. “We already have several events planned and our school production of Reynard the Fox, sponsored by Pineville players, and is going to be the most extravagant production to date.”

Their first sponsored production will take place this Thursday, as the critically-acclaimed Rocky Horror Picture Show will hit the theater to captivate audience members for one night only. Other upcoming productions include performances by the Pineville High School band, as well as a special dinner theater act performed by the Pineville Players themselves.

Anyone wishing to be a part of this expressive addition to the area is welcome to, as both actors and directors are still in great demand. If interested, feel free to contact Golden on her Facebook page.

“Golden truly wants to bring the arts back to our community and has started with great ideas and initiative. I am so grateful to be a part of this,” said North.