A necessary business

Published 10:28 am Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jay Steele, owner and funeral director of Arnette & Steele Funeral Home, visited Lone Jack School Center’s eighth grade class recently with a very interesting talk that involved science, history, business and counseling.

Steele began the lesson by talking about how folks have been paying tribute to their deceased for centuries and why this is important. The students learned that when a loved one passes away, those that remain need help in planning a memorial service.

“There is so much to do,” Steele said. The type of service, music, speakers, even the casket, needs to be selected. Steele’s funeral home takes care of it all.

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“While this service is a comfort to those in need, it is also a business, and a necessary one at that,” explained Steele.

Steele talked about what background a funeral home director needs. Studies in business, science, biology and even counseling are helpful and all play a role in this field.

The eighth-graders listened with great interest, and Steele’s presentation was met with a round of applause.